Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mother's Day Theme

We will be singing in sacrament meeting next week so we be working on our songs for Mother's Day songs.  The children are generally pretty familiar with these songs, so it more of a review and then working on volume and repetition.

I used this idea last year and the kids really loved it and I think I am going to use it again. The idea comes from The Ordinary Adventurses of a Primary Chorister.

Collect the items and put them in a bag or box. Then let the kids choose one of the items and then sing the Mother's Day song that you are learning.

FRYING PAN-Moms cook and bake for us: sing like bacon- (sing staccato short and choppy, bob up and down on chairs as if they are a hot pan.
BATH TOWEL-Mom’s do our laundry: do the twist while singing
KEYS (or a toy car)- Mom drives us wherever we need to go. Sometimes mom is in a hurry: Sing fast while driving
BOOK-Mom reads us stories: sing through hand puppet
JUMP ROPE- Moms tries to keep in shape: jogging or jumping invisible rope while singing
POM-POMS- Mom goes to our games and cheers for us: clap hands to the beat 
COWBOY BOOT – Mom likes horses/helps on the farm: sing like a cowgirl/cowboy
HEART PILLOW- Mom prays for us: sing reverently and softly with eyes closed
SONG BOOK: Some moms play the piano, some don’t: sing without the piano
BABY DOLL: Mom loves her children: sing like a baby
CLOCK or WRISTWATCH- Mom stays up all night with sick children: Sing without blinking
POWER DRILL-Mom helps solve problems and she can fix anything: pat head and rub tummy
IPOD-Mom likes good music: sing with ears covered like headphones
HANDKERCHIEF – Sometimes moms cry: cry sing
SWIMMING GOGGLES- Mom takes us swimming: sing with nose plugged

Here are a few more that I came up with: 

Sewing Needle - Mom mends my clothes: Sew your close while singing.
Broom - Moms clean our house: Sweep the floor while singing.
My Husband came up with this one but I wouldn't suggest doing it. It would be pretty funny and I'm sure the kids would go crazy.
Diaper- moms do change these all the time with young ones: hold your nose while singing.  

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