Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wind Wands

 I made these wind wands or you could just use colored scarfs. I have enough for all the kids to play with one. Now before I pass these out the kids know that there are very strict rules whenever I give them some sort of object to play with. Some kids have a hard time controlling themselves and I don't want them to break my things and I don't want them to accidental hurt their neighbor.
My rules are:
Keep the wand in front of you
Don't hit your neighbor (even if it is an accident)
Only wave it when I  ask you to
If they break the rules I (or the teachers) quietly take it away and they can try again next time. There is no arguing or anything. Just take it away. I have only had to take a wand away once and I have never had to take one away again. 

These wands are great tools to sing a song over and over again. The kids love it. I have these direction cards and usually I will coreagraph something for the junior primary kids but I let the senior primary choose their own motions to do.

I will either write on the chalkboard or I will type out the words to the song. Then pick a wind wand card to do for each musical phrase. Make sure that the kids sing a long while they are using their wind wands. I like to remind them that it is singing time. 

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