Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentines Day Felt Wreath

Okay here is my first craft post. I really love this wreath from The Idea Room . I love this wreath, but I wanted a larger heart and I couldn't find a large Styrofoam heart. We don't have any craft stores in Napa so I had to get creative. I went to Orchard Supply and bought a foam tube that is used for covering pipes when it gets cold. I bought the thicker piece and it was only a couple of dollars which was pretty cool considering the small heart is about $5.00 at Michaels. I also bought red duct tape so that I could wrap the foam to make its shape and give it more stiffness. Here are some pictures that will illustrate how I cut the foam and  put it together.
 I cut the foam in two pieces and slanted the edges like the picture above. The bigger the slant the more exaggerated the the points are.

 Then put the tips together and tape the bottom with duct tape. This next part is kind of tricky because you have to bend the foam to form the heart shape. The shape will look a little funky at first but it will look better once it sticks for a while. I would strongly suggest that after you tape the two pieces together to duct tape the entire heart. The first one that I made sags a little and the second one doesn't.

After the heart is shaped then it is time to put on all the circles. You will need a lot!!!! 

My Heavenly Father Loves Me

Today was our Stake Conference, so I didn't get to teach today. The confrence was a broadcast and it was really beautiful! The spirit was so strong! It was such a great spiritual recharge!

Here is what I am planning to do for Junior primary on Sunday. After I talk about the song and what it means to me I am going to give them a coloring page and crayons that I made for each verse. I am going to tell them to color the picture when I sing about it in the song. This way they have something do while I sing and are listening to the words of the song. I know they really like it when I do this activity.

  Then I will tell them to color their own picture and we will put it  up on the board for everyone to see.
If you would like me to send you these feel free to email me