Sunday, January 6, 2013

Primary Preview

Today at church I did a Primary Preview. It was awesome!!! I got the idea from this blog I love this blog. It has really great ideas. I read her blog on a regular basis.

This is what happened in my primary. I asked a bunch of different people to come in and sing all the songs that we will be learning this year. One of the things that I needed to tell people was that singing perfectly was not a requirement for singing in primary. One women (who is on the more mature side) brought in her guitar and sang, "I am a child of God." It was really awesome.

So we had our opening exercise just like normal. I talked to the kids about proper audience etiquette. I told them that at church we don't usually clap after a performance because it can distract from the Spirit. I told them that they could do the sign for clapping or they could do a marshmallow clap. They thought that was really fun. Then I had the kids file out the back door and gave them tickets for the show. I set up a red carpet (I used felt but you could probably get a cheap red plastic table cloth.) I had the presidency usher the kids to their seat and took pictures of the kids on the red carpet. That part was really funny. Each of them felt pretty special. Even the ones that are generally really shy. Then I started the show.

The kids were mesmerized the entire time. So were the adults. It was nice for the kids to see and hear different people singing. They were so good and the spirit was so strong. The kids seemed really excited about the upcoming year. I am really excited as well. 
Pose for the camera!
Even the teachers got into posing for the paparazzi. 

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