Friday, January 18, 2013

Key Word Game

Here is a game that I have been playing with kids for a really long time. The kids ask for it all the time! I have recently come up with a few fun variations.

This game is to draw attention to key words in a song. It is also a good way to sing a song over and over without the kids realizing they are singing it over and over again.

Prep: Laminate a card, key, mustache, Santa beard or anything that you can write and erase. Here are a few pictures of the things that I have done. I cut them out on the Cricut and then laminated them. (The key was in the Disney princess cartridge and the mustache and the beard were both on the paper doll dress up cartridge.) 

Crazy hat and a key. Hence the name "key words"
 Santa Beard
The mustache is a favorite!!!

Here is how to play:

Choose a key word that is in the song and write it on the key (or whatever). Choose a child to be the guesser.

Directions: The object is to get the guesser to guess what is written on the key, so the group should sing all the words in the song except the one written on the key.  Now in Junior Primary I will have the guesser step out of the room for a moment since not all the children can read and I will tell the group what is on the key. Also if a child doesn't know the word they can silently raise their hand and a teacher will whisper it in their ear.

In Senior primary once they have a pretty good grasp of the song I will pick a really minute words like "a" or "the" or something like that. It makes it harder to guess and they think it is really funny. 

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