Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Am a Child of God

Print off the words to the 3rd and 4th verses of I Am Child of God and cut up each word and on the back number them so that I easily put them in order again. I will then laminate the words as well. (this isn't necessary but makes it so that it will last) Or if you are really lazy like me or don't have time, sometimes, I will just write the words on the chalk board and then the kids will get to erase them. Either way is fine just you will have to write the words up twice if you have junior and senior primary. 

Junior primary prep :You need to bring a pair of dice (I got a fuzzy dice from the dollar store and cut them apart)
Senior Primary prep: Have a bag of laminated paper letters or fridge magnets would work as well.


Junior Primary: Stick up the laminated words or pictures on the board.  Have a child come up and roll the dice. The number on the dice tells the child how many words they can take off the board. Sometimes if the number is only one I will let another child come up and roll the dice again. This song is familiar enough that I might let two kids roll two dice at the same time. Then see if the children can sing the song with the missing words. Sing until they have the entire song memorized.

To change things up sometimes, I will have the kids not sing the words that are there and sing the words that aren't on the board. The kids love it when the teacher messes up, which I do a lot. They think it is really funny plus it keeps them paying attention to the right words.

Senior Primary: The game is played the same as junior primary  but usually with senior primary I will have a bag of letters and they erase the word that starts with the letter that was chosen in the bag. If I want to erase words faster I will say that any word that has the chosen letter in it will be erased. So, if the letter is an "a" you can either erase all the words that begin with "a" or erase all the words that have an "a" in them.

This activity can be used for any song that you need to sing over and over again to learn the words.

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