Sunday, January 13, 2013

I am a Child of God

I had a really hard time figuring out what I was going to do to teach, I am a Child of God. I read a lot about the song and other people's ideas on what they were planning on doing. I came up with a combination of a few ideas. Please forgive me, I read so many different websites last night I might miss one to give them credit.

Here is what I did.

For Junior Primary I talked about the song a little and about how this song really sums up the gospel in its simplest form. We are all children of God and we are learning how we can return to live with him. I think that is why this song is always so powerful.

So, after we talked a little bit I told them there are a lot of things that can lead and guide us to our Heavenly Father. Before primary I cut out a bunch of footprints and laminated them. On the back of the footprints I put a piece of masking tape and wrote on them a bunch of ways that lead us to our Heavenly Father. Now I can't remember where I saw the footprint idea but I thought they were so cute. I then chose a child to walk on the footprints and we all sang I am a Child of God while the child walked around on the footprints. When the music stopped we looked under the footprint to see what would lead us to our Heavenly Father.

Now this next idea came from She then had the child make up an action and lead the primary in "Do As I'm Doing." So if the footprint said read your scriptures we would open and close our hands like we were reading the scriptures. This was really nice because it broke up singing I am a Child of God over and over again. Towards the end I even let two children walk on the footprints and had two kids leading Do As I'm Doing. The kids really seemed to enjoy this game.

As for Senior Primary we worked really hard on the descant. I just taught them the descant for the chorus. It actually went really well.  First I talked to them about the importance of the song much like Junior Primary. I also talked to them about the word harmony and the definition is when two people are singing two different notes at the same time. I asked them to listen as I sang and see if they could hear when we started to sing harmony. I then sang a duet with another member of the primary presidency. She sang what was written and I sang the descant so the kids could hear how pretty it was. They thought that was really cool. They could all tell that we started singing harmony at the, "lead me, guide me," part. I always think that it is important that the children always have something they are doing or listening for.

After the duet I then taught the descant a small section at a time. I also did the ever popular pitch leading where I hold my hand level and when the pitch gets higher then I raise my hand higher and so on and so forth. Sunbeamsinging had the cutest idea to instead of using her hand she used Popsicle sticks and held them between her hands. She even gave one to each child so they could follow along. I wished that I would have remembered my Popsicle sticks. Oh well. :-)

After we learned the descant we split into groups and I lead the descant and someone else lead the normal  group. Then we switched. The kids were so excited to be singing harmony. It was really beautiful and it gave me goosebumps every time.

We had a little extra time so I played the footprint game with the senior primary but this time we didn't read out loud the footprint. The kids had to guess what the leader was doing when we sang Do As I'm Doing.

All in all it was a really awesome day.

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